Remote service support

Remote support of the client's operation service in a wide range of issues related to the operation of automated systems and technological facilities.

You will save your time and money by using our remote service, which includes onsultations and expert opinions on technical issues. Our Service center offers the following services:  

  • Providing consulting/technical support for a specified period of time (one, two, etc.) in order to provide prompt assistance to the client on all issues that arise, both in terms of current operation and when the client performs independent equipment upgrades. Support is provided via telephone and / or electronic communication. Support hours on duty and response times are determined jointly with the client. 
  • Periodic or continuous monitoring of systems with remote access for rapid (without going to the site) solution of problems on diagnostics, support and parameterization of the automated control system equipment by means of proven on-line communication technology using a secure VPN connection over the Internet (for security, remote access is connected by the client only when necessary).
  • Diagnostics of the client's main equipment status based on data received from the automated control system sensors with the construction of a digital model of the main equipment based on mathematical processing methods; comparison of the current performance of the main equipment (after repairs or shutdowns of the main equipment, in case of problems in the control system, in other periods at the request of the client) with the model ones to detect deviations from normal operation at early stages.
  • Organization and support for Rakurs and client base/portal operated APCS – documentation and software, planned, comments/suggestions on the system, reports on work performance, registry faults and breakdowns with analysis of their occurrence and results of the elimination, the list of SPTA, technical and scientific documentation, the knowledge base.