Diagnostics and repair works

Early detection of the causes of possible failures in the operation of the automated control system and recovery of operability.

We will organize a technical inspection Of your equipment to detect defects and provide services to optimize settings, update software, calibrate measurement channels, replace or repair components. We will take care of the delivery and repair of Your components in specialized service centers, or the arrival of competent repair and maintenance specialists. 

Our Service center offers assistance in diagnostics and repair of APCS equipment, including the following works: 

  • Checking the hardware status. 
  • Checking power supply circuits. 
  • Checking / testing interface and network connections. 
  • Calibration (organization of verification) of measuring channels of the system. 
  • Checking algorithms, including security testing. 
  • Checking software integrity, including checking for viruses and known vulnerabilities. 
  • Analyze the message archive for hidden defects. 
  • Analysis of technological parameter trends and optimization of regulator settings. 
  • Preparing recommendations for equipment to be repaired or replaced (if necessary, repair or replacement on site). 
  • Checking compliance with the current state of equipment and documentation, updating design and operational documentation.